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Finding beauty in simplicity

It has become more and more important for me to surround myself with beauty. This isn’t something I’ve given much thought to up until the last couple of years. Maybe it has something to do with moving interstate and establishing new roots for myself and my family.

As I set about making my new house, my home it’s become essential for me to create a sacred space. The Chinese call this idea Feng Shui. In Japan it is called Wabi Sabi and the Danish call it Hygge. It doesn't matter what you call it – it all comes down to creating beautiful spaces. Spaces that inspire us, that we love to come home to, that cocoon us, nurture us and support us in feeling calm and happy.

Now I’m not talking about going out and spending thousands of dollars on original pieces of art and Persian rugs and then feeling really stressed about how you’re going to pay the credit card bill when it comes in.

This is when we get to become really creative. To think about what makes us feel good. And this will be different for all of us. Very often it ‘s the simple things that cost so little that are the most beautiful.

Things like:

Beeswax candles

Nature’s treasures like flowers, leaves, and pine cones

Diffusing essential oils like orange in the kitchen and ylang ylang in the bedroom

Knitted/textured rugs to cosy up with on the lounge

A pile of favourite books on display on your coffee table

A bowl filled with lemons or buerre bosch pears


An installation of much loved symbols and momentos like photos, crystals, icons, feathers, and treasures found on your travels.

Indoor houseplants – think fiddle leaf fig and rubber plant

Bath salts displayed in your bathroom

A beautiful teapot on the kitchen bench

Linen bedsheets

A favourite chair to sit and read on

A nook to relax in outside

Having a place for everything – uncluttered spaces are essential for an uncluttered mind

Colours– soft blues, greens, pinks, greys and warm whites are all very calming palettes.

Rebecca Campbell talks about the path of beauty being the path of the soul. What is your soul yearning for right now? How can you create more beauty in your home? I invite you now to ponder this idea – to slow down enough, to get still, and to contemplate how you can find beauty in the everyday simplicity.

Start small.

Just one thing.

And together we can create more beauty in our world, starting in our own homes.



Hello! I'm Cate Bales; a passionalte health coach. I write a regular blog, “a re-claim to wholeness", inspiring you, my readers to have more energy, time, freedom and meaning in your lives. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter here.

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