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20 things I've learnt in the last 2 years

The last couple of years have been anything but normal. I've been absent from writing as I've tried to negotiate the upheaval and changes that life has brought. Around the world we have all been affected by Covid-19 and here in the Northern Rivers, we had fires in 2019 and the recent floods a few months ago.

The feeling of safety, security and being in control of my external life has gone (which was only ever a false notion anyway). But in its place I have found safety, security and sovereignty in my Self. Here where I live, there is much trauma and PTSD in the community. My home was ok and not flood affected, but all around, people are feeling anxious, fearful, uncertain, overwhelmed, angry and fatigued.

And Covid-19 has brought much division, fear, anxiety, disconnection, judgement, control and restrictions amongst humanity around the world. Our children and teenagers are experiencing uncertainty and stress, not seen since WWll.

But sometimes out of this grief and loss comes positive transformation. There is an acronym given to this experience - PTG - post traumatic growth. When I look back over the last few years, I can see how much I have changed. I've had to dig deep within to help me to make sense of what I see in the world.

If you don't go within, you go without*

So what have the last few years taught me? Here is a list of my life's recent personal teachings:

  1. a personal strength that I didn't know I had;

  2. that I am fully responsible for my life;

  3. to not be so afraid of authority (this has been a big one for me);

  4. to speak my truth (another biggie and one that I'm still learning);

  5. the value of kindness;

  6. to live more authentically and by my rules;

  7. a deeper reverence and gratitude for life;

  8. living more in the moment;

  9. acceptance of what is;

  10. walking my own path - no longer feeling like I have to follow the crowd;

  11. a deeper spiritual connection;

  12. knowing when to fully surrender and when to take action;

  13. less judgement of others;

  14. it's ok for me to own and feel all of my feelings - even the yucky ones;

  15. I'm not responsible for how other people react;

  16. to be more vulnerable;

  17. that true freedom is an inside job;

  18. to listen more;

  19. learning new skills for sustainable living; and

  20. to be more discerning, curious and to ask questions (I am a Gemini after all).

It's been a very BIG few years for me.

So now you know how I'm going? How are you doing?

Sending you much love and blessings,

Cate xxx

*Neale Donald Walsch



Hello! I'm Cate Bales; a passionalte health coach. I write a regular blog, “a re-claim to wholeness", inspiring you, my readers to have more energy, time, freedom and meaning in your lives. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter here.

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