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How are you dancing with life?

Doing my morning pages this morning, a profound innerstanding (as opposed to understanding) came up for me. How am I choosing to dance with life today? And it got me thinking. Life is like a dance.

Every day brings us different experiences, opportunities and ways of being. It is up to us to choose in each moment how we are going to respond and to behave. I think a lot of this depends on how we are feeling on any given day. We can choose to surrender, to fight, to flow, to resist, to observe, and/or to participate in life. It’s as though we are dancing with life – stepping forward, stepping back, moving in and moving out, sometimes there is rhythm and flow, sometimes there is not.

Everyday, I can ask myself, “How am I doing life?”

I can have those days when everything flows and life feels like it’s in perfect harmony. I liken this to what it must feel like to perform a beautiful waltz with a partner – with smooth and fluid like movements in perfect harmony and synchronicity with one other.

Then there are the fun-filled times where there is much laughter, joy and spontaneity. These are the days that I never want to end. I think of dancing rock-n-roll – upbeat, fast and rhythmic movement filled with lots of energy and vitality.

I can have very structured times where every minute is planned and timed, leaving very little room for flexibility and space. These are my least favourite days. This is where I think of line-dancing. Where lines are formed and the dancers repeat a sequence of steps over and over again. Very methodical and repetitive.

And finally there are the chaotic days. Where nothing goes to plan, emotions are high, appointments are missed and life just ‘sucks’. This is when I either want to stick my head under a pillow, close the curtains and not see or talk to anyone, or alternatively, put on some heavy metal music like Black Sabbath, and move my body in a very uncontrolled, crazy, unpredictable way with very little rhythm and flow.

Dance, movement and music can remind us of how we are moving through life. I think there is a time and a place for all of the different dances….for all of the different moments in life.

But I think my favourite today is the waltz, followed by rock-n-roll as a close second.

My question to you today is, ”How are you dancing with life?”

Sending much love and blessings,

Cate xxx



Hello! I'm Cate Bales; a passionalte health coach. I write a regular blog, “a re-claim to wholeness", inspiring you, my readers to have more energy, time, freedom and meaning in your lives. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter here.

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